Intention To Vacate Premises

Ending a fixed term tenancy agreement or Break lease

If you want to leave at the end of a fixed term lease agreement it is advisable that you give your landlord reasonable notice in writing that you will be leaving – IE: four weeks before the date your lease ends.

If you want to leave at the end of a fixed term lease agreement signed after 1 March 2014 you must give your landlord written notice of termination to end a fixed term tenancy at least 28 days before the date your lease ends.

Your landlord must give you at least 28 days written notice if they want you to leave at the end of your fixed term lease agreement. If neither of you give written notice, the agreement will continue as a periodic lease agreement.

If you end a fixed term lease agreement early you are then breaking your Tenancy Agreement and you are then responsible for costs relating to breaking the agreement unless the landlord agrees to release you from the agreement at no cost.

If you do leave a tenancy early the landlord may claim for:
  • Loss of rent until the premises are re-let
  • Pro-rata advertising costs
  • Other compensations – IE: a proportion of the re-letting fees if the landlord uses an agent.

Any new applications will be subject to the same screening process as when you first applied and approval will be sought from the Landlord prior to accepting any new tenants.

We are unable to relinquish you of your legal obligation to the current lease until any new tenant has executed their Tenancy Agreement and paid the required costs. A transfer of tenants will not be permitted without prior written approval by the Landlord otherwise you will be held responsible for payment of rent and for any damage caused by another person, Please ensure you discuss this with your Property Manager and the correct procedure will be outlined to you.

Please print & complete the Notice of Termination form listed below and return to our office as soon as possible.

To return the form you can:

Click here for the periodic to vacate form

Click here for the fixed lease to vacate form
  • Scan and email it to your appropriate Property Manager or
  • Fax to (08) 8265 2355
  • Post it to us at PO Box 200, St Agnes SA 507
  • Or drop it into our office 1332 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully