Information For Vacating Tenants

It is our desire to make the vacating process as smooth as possible.

Once we have received your completed notice of “Intention to Vacate Premises” we will send confirmation to you in writing and advise you of your final inspection date and time.  
At this stage we will also begin the process of advertising the property for rent. During the last 28 days of your tenancy we are permitted to access to show prospective tenants. Your Property Manager will contact you ahead of any appointments to arrange a suitable day and time of any inspection.

We strongly recommend that you are in attendance for your final inspection, this will then allow us to discuss in person any particular cleaning issues or damages to the property.

  1. Read the confirmation Vacating letter issued from our Agency explaining the Vacating and Final Bond process.
  2. Refer to the Property (Entry) Condition Report provided at the beginning of the Tenancy. Check to see if there are any changes to this report, allowing for fair wear and tear.
  3. Refer to the link our “Cleaning List to Assist You with Your Bond Refund” this will assist you in preparing the Property and provide you with information of some of the things that will be looked at during the final inspection. If time does not permit you to do the cleaning or gardening we can recommend may wish to consider professional companies who can provide those services. As contractors rates can vary we recommend you contact the contractors direct to arrange a quote. A list of contractors that we recommend is detailed on the attached list.

Click here for our Cleaning List to assist you with your bond refund.