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Rental Appraisals

Finding out more about the right value for your property is critical to real estate success. Consider the following points when you’re thinking about appraisals for your investment:
  1. It is critically important to know how to price your rent fairly but competitively to achieve the best rental returns.
  2. Rental prices are not necessarily directly proportionate to property valuations.
  3. Property valuations are based solely on a sale price. These valuations are not related to current market rental prices, which may vary considerably.

Finding the Right Price

The modern rental market can be confusing. Rental prices change over time and you may see a broad range of rentals for properties that seem similar. The fact is that all properties have a different rental value, regardless of their similarities.
Some properties on the market with low rents are older residences. These rent prices are not representative of current rental prices for new properties. The location, type of premises, and the condition are also relevant factors in rent appraisal.
Our team will consider each of these factors and more when providing an appraisal for you. Contact our experts to uncover your rental potential.  

Need Some Help with Your Rental Appraisal?

If you need some help with rental appraisals for your property, get in touch with our team. First National Real Estate Burton Groves provides expert rental appraisal services for property owners.

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