Repairs and maintenance

  • It is a requirement of all tenants to report any maintenance to First National Burton Groves in writing.
  • The South Australian Act requires the owner to maintain the premises in a good tenantable repair and in a condition fit for human occupation. We engage a wide range of professional trades people however, if you wish us to contact a specific preferred tradesperson please let us know and we will keep these on file.
  • Tenants are instructed to contact our office to report all repairs and maintenance.
  • Our staff can be contacted after hours through a mobile telephone system.
  • We request authority to attend to repairs and maintenance up to $400.00 this will only be exercised if deemed as an emergency and/or a danger to the tenant. An example of this is a gas leak.
  • If a tenant reports a maintenance problem we will make every effort to contact the landlord, via a phone call, SMS, letter or email. If every effort has been made to contact a landlord and have not received a response within a reasonable time frame, First National Burton Groves will make a decision to proceed with the maintenance if deemed necessary. An example of this is if the tenant has no hot water or plumbing is severely blocked.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for any work undertaken by recommended non qualified tradespersons whom may not have adequate insurance.
  • It is important to point out that the tenant must keep gardens in a neat and tidy condition; it is not the responsibility of the tenant to improve the gardens. Pruning of roses, bushes, trees etc is the responsibility of the owner as is regular fertilizing of the grassed areas.
  • The tenant must weed and mow to a reasonable standard taking into consideration the condition of the gardens upon initial tenancy. Photographs are taken at the initial inspection to refer to during the tenancy. Where a property is not reticulated and subject to prevailing water conditions, it is advisable landlords provide necessary equipment (e.g. hoses and sprinklers) to encourage the tenants to maintain the grounds.