Rental Appraisal

What Is the Right Price to Market & Rent Your Investment?

Establishing the correct value of your property requires a great deal of local knowledge and homework. If you advertise it too cheap you can lose potential income but if you advertise it too expensive you may have the property sitting vacant for weeks, again losing potential income and prospective tenants thinking there is something wrong with your property.

We anticipate that a rental property accurately appraised would be rented out within a 1-3 week period, taking into consideration the current market and prospective tenants looking in a particular area.

And if we list your property within the first 48 hours of your appraisal we will even give you one free month of Management  fees to say thank you for the opportunity!

If you would like First National Burton Groves to provide you a Free no obligation appraisal then click 'Request Appraisal'  and we’ll be in touch.