Style Trends 2023 to look forward to

1. Get back to the future with retro and vintage accents

One of the most popular styling trends and aesthetics coming this spring and for 2023 as a whole is vintage maximalism – otherwise known as granny chic. Bursting with nostalgia and whimsy, this trend isn’t about cluttering your home with loot from the Salvos. It’s about taking a modern, polished approach to incorporate vintage pieces, patterns, textures, and colours from days gone by to create a vibrant, warm, and cohesive style.

Whether you draw inspiration from 70s bohemia, with splashes of vibrant colours like oranges and browns, choose bold floral fabrics for accent pillows, switch out a tired neutral sofa for luxurious velvet or a backdrop of geometric wallpaper, vintage maximalism encourages a fearless approach for lovers of nostalgic vibes.

Perhaps the icing (or should that be the glacé cherry) on the cake is that this style trend doesn’t need to set you back thousands and embraces sustainability. Antiques, pre-loved items, upcycling projects and family heirlooms can all take centre stage with vintage maximalism.

2. Choose statement décor

Making a statement is about being bold, and being bold in your home styling calls upon, once again, maximalism. In this instance, it means incorporating playful statement pieces like oversized artwork, sculptural furniture, dramatic light fixtures, and vases that capture the eye and become the room’s focal point. Statement décor adds an instant sense of luxury, and to really channel the spring vibe, fill strategically placed vases with fresh in-season florals. It’ll instantly breathe life (and floral perfumes) into dormant winter spaces. While statement décor may be borne out of the maximalism movement, you don’t need to rush out and buy one of each. It can simply mean opting for one striking piece of furniture in a vibrant hue, choosing a timeless sculptural ceramic item or splurging on a light fixture that will become a centrepiece.

3. Go curvy with not-so-straight-forward styling

Along with being one of the most popular architectural design trends for 2023, bringing curves to your interior décor is one of the key styling trends for 2023 – and spring in particular. Leaning into the retro and vintage-inspired aesthetic, curvaceous furniture, arched mirrors, round ottomans, and organically shaped lighting fixtures all create a soft and harmonious interior aesthetic. It’s a style trend that is pegged to remain popular for many years to come, so this is one bandwagon worth hopping on!


4. Calm-infused spaces with muted tones and soft hues

At complete odds with the maximalist movement, soft, muted hues, warm neutrals, earthy tones, and powdery blues are trending for spring 2023. The Valspar 2023 Colours of the Year feature a calming palette and are the perfect reference point for transforming bland walls into a serene space. A new lick of paint is a relatively affordable and easy DIY project to refresh your home for the new season ahead, and many of these gentle colours work harmoniously together and provide a dreamy backdrop to mix and match other spring 2023 styling trends.


5. Take it totally textural

From bouclé to marble, cork flooring, limewashed walls, and Mediterranean-inspired plaster finishes, all textures are favoured for spring 2023. While more permanent textural elements take some degree of commitment and expense, adding accents like bouclé ottomans, and layers of luxe velvet, wool, or suede, soft furnishings allow you to embrace the trend without taking out a small mortgage.


6. Weave in nature

Materials that connect us with nature and bring the outdoors in are still having a moment. While houseplants still feature heavily, think rattan chairs, cane headboards, seagrass coffee tables and wicker buffets – all bringing a sense of lightness and organic beauty to our interiors. Think natural organic feature furniture pieces that are also durable. Many of these pieces also had a heyday in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, making them fair game for thrift shop finds.

7. Wave goodbye to mass-produced and welcome one-offs

Let’s face it, the world of mass-produced, low-cost décor items is starting to lose its shine as we gravitate towards more environmentally friendly and intentional purchases. We’re falling for the artistry of unique, handcrafted pieces to treasure, items that bring soul and talkability to our living spaces, and support local artisans and traditional craftsmanship. Look for intricate textiles, hand-blown glassware, hand-carved furniture, and one-off pottery pieces. Each has a story to tell and is a positive step in the direction of sustainable consumption.


8. Get cushy

Cushions. Can you have too many? Is more really more? Are all cushions created equal? According to interior guru Darren Palmer, any more than nine cushions in one setting is ridiculous, and top interior stylists agree that it’s feather inserts all the way for maximum cush. Beyond comfort, for spring 2023, we’re seeing a resurgence of floor cushions, and surprise, surprise, mixed textures, more curves in the form of rounded cushions, and oceanic colours.


9. Make a statement underfoot

With statement pieces a huge trend for this spring, statement rugs are topping the styling charts too. Add to that the maximalism trend and our love of textures, and it’s out with the toned-down neutral rugs of years gone by and in with the fun, patterned and colourful floor coverings that can completely transform your vibe. Rugs are becoming a way of decorating in their own right – an artistic addition rather than simply a means to section off a space.

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